SIDDHARTHA – a new musical (2017-2018)

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The Seeker is a new musical by Rachel Fuller based on the novel, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Set in India around the time of the BUDDHA, approx. 500 b.c., it tells the story of a young man’s quest for spiritual enlightenment.

The Seeker was developed at GlassHill Studios from 17th – 30th March 2017. A further development period took place at Milton Court Theatre from 2-6 May 2017 with a private preview on Saturday 6th May 2017 and 11-16 December 2017 GlassHill Studios

The Seeker was recorded at Angel Studies:  13/14 November 2017

The Seeker is currently under development at the New York Public Theatre.

The Seeker Website

The piece is hypnotic, beautiful, enchanting. it is gorgeous work unlike anything I have ever read or seen before. That is exciting and not a little humbling’.

Oskar Eustis, New York Public Theatre

Music & Lyrics by Rachel Fuller

Book by Jesse Cameron Alick

Additional Music by Pete Townshend


Nicholas Sharratt – Siddhartha

Damian Thantrey – Govinda

Jonathan Gunthorpe – Kamaswami / Father

Robin Bailey and Piran Legg – The Ferryman

Clare Presland and Alison Arnopp – Kamala / the river

Directed by – Martin Lloyd Evans

Produced by – Stuart Calder & Kate Romano

Orchestral music arranged and produced by Martin Batchelar

Musical Director – Dai Watts

Associate Director – Caroline Clegg

Sound engineer – Mikko Gordon

Stage Manager – Vicky Zenetzi

General Manager – Clare Partington


Violin – Nicola Goldscheider

Cello – Maddie Cutter

Guitar – Jolyon Dixon

Percussion – Fergus Gerrand

Clarinet – Kate Romano

Production staff:

Staff Production Manager – Robert Holmes

Production Manager – Sean Mortimer

Technical Manager-Sam Palmer

Production Assistants-Samantha Agnus, Benjamin Cook, Andrew Cook, Ruairidh Nelson

Lighting – James McKeogh, Alana Gill

Sound – Yool Lee, Sam Prestt, Jack Wills, Henry Packenham

Stage Management – Alice Koston, Emily Philpott, Alix Nicholson