RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME – an eclectic playlist…

By September 25, 2016Culture, Sounds

The sounds and inspiration behind RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME

A bell strikes. A rich, metallic, portentous spectrum, heralding a call, change, victory, danger, celebration… Surely a bell is one of the most universal features of human culture. It seems no coincidence that Varèse chose to begin his iconic masterpiece Poème électronique with a bell, signifying the birth of one of the most elusive and talked-about musical constructions of the 20th century.

I chose to begin the RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME programme with this work. Presiding over the project, like a great sonorous patriarch, its presence seemed to shape my thinking behind the whole production which combines old and new technology, images and sound, electronic and acoustic music and conventional and self-made instruments.

You can access the full playlist on the Oxford Contemporary Music website  here