Three Stories About Birds (2017)

The Goldfield Ensemble’s new production for younger audiences in association with Cambridgeshire Music Hub Live Festival

Written and devised by Kate Romano

Find out about the man who thought birds migrated to the moon, the crows who brought gifts to a 10 year old girl and the greatest pigeon hero of the Second World War! The Goldfield Ensemble weave their trademark mix of storytelling and live music for string trio and percussion with simple shadow puppetry to bring three remarkable (and true!) stories to our younger audiences. You’ll never hear or look at a bird in the same way again…

‘That was the best thing ever – I wish I could turn back time and do it all again!’

‘I’m going to start the violin and I’m going to make some puppets and write some stories…’

‘I really liked the bird sounds. I loved the story of pigeon Joe the best  – it was so funny!’

‘I loved the stories – and the music was so made me sad and jumpy and happy’

‘Please come again soon’

Our youngest audiences  |  Cambridgeshire Schools

‘Astonishingly good – you kept 300 children absolutely captivated from start to finish…’

Westfield Primary School

‘beautiful, thoughtful, mesmeric, funny and what wonderful music…what a terrific and imaginative way to tell stories with music and it appealed to all of our children from year 1 to year 6’

Great Staughton Primary School

Tour dates and schools:

20 March 2017

Barrington C of E Primary School

Meldreth Primary School

Great Staughton Primary Academy

21 March 2017

Steeple Morden Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Trumpington Meadows Primar School

22 March 2017

Leverington Primary Academy

St Peters C of E Primary School

Bar Hill Community School

23 March 2017

Ely St Johns Community Primary School

Lantern Primary School

Westfield Primary School

Simply outstanding – it made me re-think how we can tell stories

Westfield Primary School

My children couldn’t stop talking about it when we went back to our classroom.. all the children were engaged, interested and enthralled by the story-making puppetry and music…. you grabbed their attention, caught their imaginations and held them with great timing, action and of course the amazing music

Steeple Morden Primary School

We were hugely impressed with the Goldfield Ensemble…The children (and adults) were entranced by the experience and I found that the standard of playing and storytelling just astonishing. Even the youngest (still 4 years old) were glued to the concert.

Foxton Primary School