A year long Artistic Residency in 2014 at the newly Stapleford Granary Art Centre gave the Goldfield Ensemble an opportunity to explore neglected chamber music repertoire set alongside better-konwn and much loved works. Each concert was linked to a series of talks, helping to build an audience for the venue and draw attention to issues of neglect and contemporary challenges that the music industry faces.

‘Rhythmic vitality,…warmth and passion….the Goldfield is a group to watch’

Martin Dryer  |  York Press

‘The pre-concert talks have given me an insight into the music and the current state of play which I wouldn’t normally have appreciated’ 

Audience member  |  Stapleford Granary

Tour dates:

  • Michaelhouse , Cambridge – 11th February 2014,
  • Jack Lyons Concert hall, York – 24th February 2014
  • Stapleford Granary – 26th April 2014
  • English Music Festival, Dorchester-on-Thames – May 2014
  • Stapleford Granary – 6th June 2014
  • Stapleford Granary – 19th September 2014
  • Stapleford Granary – 11th November 2014
  • Luton Music Club – November 2014

Illustrated Talks:

  • Is British music really neglected?
  • Concerts, Chamber Music and Audiences 1768 – 2014
  • The life of Robin Milford
  • Music and the First World War