‘Wunderkammer’: wonder-rooms, cabinets of curiosity…I like to make productions that take people into a ‘world between worlds’ (my favourite review) where pieces of the everyday and the ordinary are captured and reassembled. I also produce extraordinary projects for other people….

I’m excited by work that brings different art forms, artists and cultures together.  Making opera and music theatre is one of the most thrilling, all-consuming journeys imaginable.  Tokaido Road (my first opera) was a four year expedition of ideas, fund-raising, team-building, creation and touring and it was worth every stomach-lurching moment. You can read my closing thoughts on the opera here.

SWANSONG – by Iain Burnside (2017)

OPERA: Kepler’s Trial @ V&A Museum 9th November 2017

SIDDHARTHA – a new musical (2017-2018)

OPERA: Tokaido Road (2014-15)

OPERA: Juliana by Joe Phibbs & Laurie Slade (touring 2018)

I love the concept of a travelling show and all of these are designed for younger audiences and families. I’ve written and directed most of them myself and there is always a focus on story-telling carefully illustrated by some of the finest chamber music – we’ve used repertoire by Ravel, Beethoven, Stravinsky, John Adams, Haydn, Howells, Grainger and many more to tell our tales. Each show lasts around 50 minutes and they have been seen by over 7000 young people. 

Three Stories About Home (2018)

Three Stories About Birds (2017)

紙芝居 Kamishibai! (2015)

Music composed in the Shadow of War (2014)

The Music Box (2016)

The Paper Forest (2015)

I think of concerts rather like visits to a museum or an art gallery…I don’t believe that any music or genre is ‘unprogrammable’ and I’m intrigued by mixing up musical styles, visuals and technology. I’m keen to constantly challenge our concert conventions and to take music into new places and spaces.  

Bascule Chamber Concerts 2017 (Langham Research Centre & Kate Romano, clarinet)

Lost Britain – neglected repertoire from the early 20th Century


ANARCHY in the organism