‘I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the performance that you and the wonderful Goldfield Ensemble provided for the staff and children of Foxton School this term. Many staff and children have been in touch with me to say how much they enjoyed your visit, and how you have both amazed (Did they really play it all by themselves, Mrs. Kite?) and inspired by both the performance and the workshop. The puppets were wonderful and the whole performance was beautifully thought through and put together.

I was particularly struck again by the very high standard of music. It seems to me that many pupils do not hear live performances very often, and most do not have the opportunity to be so near to musicians. The way that you told the stories totally captured their interest (How did they know that Billy sounded like that, Mrs. Kite?) and the way that they were woven together was magical. There were some heart-stopping moments (Had Sophie’s daddy really died?) and some tough situations. I was moved by the situations that you described, and conscious that for many of our pupils who were listening, life is not straight-forward.

The professional standards of both music and literature meant that the listeners of all ages had to work hard, to engage and to empathise; there was no option simply to spectate. Thank you for engaging all of our pupils and for giving them a memorable experience that will help to open their own creativity and imagination to new possibilities and dreams.’


Penny Kite, Foxton Primary School

Production information: Three Stories About Home

  • Running time appox. 45 minutes
  • Get-in / set-up time: 30 minutes minimum
  • Minimum parking; space for one estate car close to entrance / school hall (available parking close by for up to 4 more cars)
  • Staging: space to seat 4 musicians and 4 music stands. To one side, space for screen (approx 2m square) and projector with 2m throw situated behind screen. Please allow space for the narrator to move comfortably in front of the screen. Most school halls are ideal.
  • Equipment: the Goldfield Ensemble will bring all equipment needed except
    • 4 adult sized chairs
    • 1 large table (school desk height to seat 2 -3)

Please note that we also need a socket near to the performance space.

  • Lighting: as the show involves shadow-play, the room needs to shut out bright direct sunlight. Simple blinds half closed or curtains partially drawn are more than adequate.
  • The production is suitable for both KS1 and KS2 children. It is ideally suited for years 2-5
  • The production can be seen by up to 180 children at any one time. Please note that the experience will be compromised if children are not able to see the screen. ‘Deep’ seating is therefore preferable to ‘wide’ seating. The production is acoustic and performed without microphones.

Shadow images from the show….

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