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 Sometimes, it feels like we’re living in a giant social experiment whose effects we can only hypothesise about…

Step into a digital hinterland, where lives are fictionalised, cloned and reassembled and the search for love is caught up in a forest of neural networks….

The Ubiquitous Woman is a new multi-media music theatre work for five classical singers, two instrumentalists and treated sound. With a wry, glittering score by Martin Ward and provocative libretto by Di Sherlock, it tells the story of Natalie, whose ability to clone herself at will spirals out of control. As her selves multiply physically and digitally in Simon Kenny’s set design of reflections and illusions, they pursue their own relationships and agendas with limitless possibilities and unintended consequences.

What is the cost of re-inventing ourselves online?

And are we all afraid of being left behind by technology and love?

Witty, poignant and topical, The Ubiquitous Woman is the inaugural production from New Notes & Noises. It builds on the dynamic and creative partnership of Clare McCaldin and Di Sherlock whose previous acclaimed collaborations include Mary’s Hand. Two years in the making, The Ubiquitous Woman will tour in 2019 to UK theatres and concert halls.

‘Are we reaching a tipping point where the negative impacts of technology on human psychology might start to outweigh the benefits from it?

The truth is, we’re unlikely to know for a long time yet….’


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