Emma lives with her father in an old paper mill. Left alone to play, Emma begins to make her own secret forest – a forest of paper.   She makes beautiful paper birds and huge paper trees ……and the paper forest begins to grow around her. A magical musical adventure of marvelous inventions and bird song set against the rhythm of the huge machinery that drives the paper mill.

Absolutely magical….. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have live music come to Eynesbury and Brampton this week.  The children loved it and the Goldfield Ensemble pitched their concert really well to the children and kept their attention throughout

Head of Music |  Brampton Primary School

  • 23rd March 2015: Willington Primary, Cambridge
  • 23rd March 2015: Ridgefield School, Cambridge
  • 24th March 2015: Exning Primary, Newmarket
  • 24th March 2015: Burrough Green Primary, Newmarket
  • 24th March 2015: Downham Feoffees, Cambs
  • 25th March 2015: Alderman Payne Parimary, Wisbeach
  • 25th march 2015: Heritage Park, Peterborough
  • 27th March 2015: Brampton Primary, Huntgindon
  • 27th March 2015: Bridgeton Primary, Huntingdon
  • 27th March 2015: Waterbeach Primary, Waterbeach

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